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1982 October Started as Training Department in New Business of Fuji Xerox. Launches training/consulting business in sales performance, human resource development and orginizational development.
1984 February Embarks on Intercultural training
1985 January Develops video tape learning material.
1989 September Fuji Xerox Learning Institute Inc foundation spins off from Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. Sets up R&D Department spanning from the education of business people to the establishment of training guides.


1991 April Implements “Establishment of New Individuals” research
1991 November Implements “Excellence Sales” research
1993 December Consolidates Fuji Xerox Human Resources Development Center to cover the training for Fuji Xerox and its affiliates.
1994 March Issues “Human Resources Development White Paper – HRD Current Situation and Business Prospects”
1995 February Launches “Professional Selling Skills (PSS)2000″
1995 May Issues “Human Resources Development White Paper – Training of Middle Management”
1995 October Launches “Leadership2000″
1995 November Publishes “Strategic Sales Performance Innovation -Beyond
1996 July Issues “Human Resources Development White Paper – Revolution of OJT – Optimizing Competency Development Potentials on the Job “
1996 September Launches “Customer Service Training Programs,” composing CS-related products
1997 March Chosen as one of “The Best 20 Management Consulting Firms, Nikkei Industrial Paper.
1997 May Launches “Comprehensive Sales Performance Improvement Program”
1997 August Issues “Human Resources Development White Paper – New System Construction Focused on Competencies and Tasks”
1998 November Issues “Human Resources Development White Paper – Renovation Required of Sales Departments and Roles of Sales Managers”
1999 January Discloses new solution concepts; “A Model for Total Reconstruction of Sales Force”, “A Sales Department Renovation Model” at a Sales Renovation Forum.Starts a new consulting service in Human Resources renovation exploiting the practical know-how developed by Fuji Xerox case studies.


2000 May Publishes “Strategic Solutions Selling” (Publisher: Diamond, Inc)
2001 January Expands in a new business area of IT coordinator certification
2001 October Issues “Human Resources Development White Paper – The Philosophy of Performance-Based Personnel System and Management for Organizational Changes.
2002 October Announces “FXLI Vision 2010″
2003 October Head Quarter Moves to Roppongi, Tokyo
2005 Opens Central Japan Branch, Nagoya
2006 April Transfers a part of Sales Training function from Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.
2007 July Ties up with Business Breakthrough, Inc
2008 January Launches “Business Analysis(BA)”, expanding in a new Project Management area.
2008 March Developed Professional Selling Skills VI (PSS VI).
2008 July Developed Co-Creative Management Program (CCMP).
2009 January Issued “HRD White Paper 2009 – Manager Employee Relationship
2009 September Twentieth anniversary of the company’s establishment.
2009 December Entered the Korean market via a corporate partner.


2017 FebruaryIssue” HRD White Paper 2017: Development of leadership ― Building young leaders for the evolution of organizations”.

2010 January Contracted by the Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited to manage their Global Research Center in Suita, Osaka Prefecture.
2010 January Issued “HRD White Paper 2010 – Manager Employee Relationship
A case study.”
2010 February Developed an engineering problem-solving practical program – “Building bridges with drinking straws.”
2010 April Launched the contractor business for managing training centers utilizing know-how acquired by managing the FXLI training centers.
2010 June Developed a quality engineering introductory course for engineers – “Using Corobo to Design Parameters.”
2011 January Issued “HRD White Paper 2011 – Strategy Execution ― How middle managers manage the process?
A quantitative analysis of Middle managers’ management. “
2011 February Developed Program Management (PM).
2011 April Expanded into a new business area of supporting globalization of clients.
2011 May Developed Global Project Management (GPM).
2011 July Contracted by the Nichirei Corporation to manage their Sukore Yukigaya Training Center in Ota ward, Tokyo.
2011 July Developed the Genuine Leadership Program (GL).
2012 February Issued “HRD White Paper 2012 – Strategy Execution ― What executives say?
A semi‐structured interview with 37 executives.”
2012 April Established Space Alpha Sannomiya in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, as a complex-type communication space.
2013 February Issued ” HRD White Paper 2013: Strategy Implementation Capabilities―How middle managers should promote cooperation across organizational boundaries”.
2014 January Ties up with Hogan Assessments.
2014 February Issued “HRD White Paper 2014: Strategy Implementation Capabilities―How middle managers should motivate the people around them”.
2015 February Issued “HRD White Paper 2015: Resolution—How middle managers should improve decision quality through interactions with others”.
2016 February Issue” HRD White Paper 2016: Self-transformation―How middle managers gain self-knowledge and change their behavior”.
2017 February Issue” HRD White Paper 2017: Development of leadership ― Building young leaders for the evolution of organizations”.